There are people who want something,
There are people who dream of something,
and there are people who do it!
An experienced mentor, certified instructor, teacher, missionary, author and assistant in the system of various methods and practices of yoga, on the physical, internal and sacred levels.


main disciplines:
"There can be two types of practices - corresponding and non-conforming to the holy scriptures.
Those who do not correspond to the scriptures are useless, those who correspond bring
the most beautiful result."

Yoga Vasishtha.



Puja is a multi–stage ceremony, a ritual by which reverence, devotion and certain pleas are expressed to the gods.

Puja is a rite that awakens bhakti (devotion and love).

From Sanskrit, the word translates as worship, prayer. This is a replacement for the early rites of sacrifice. There are home pujas, and there are collective ones. During religious holidays, a special puja is performed.

The book "In the footsteps..."
Available in electronic form and paperback.
The book describes the practices and experiences of Nakshatramala.

It goes into detail about breathing and gives detailed information (along with pictures), about each asana with illustrations (body positions) from 12 classical asanas and includes personal stories about the deepening of faith. The ways of relationship with God are given, as they are described in the holy scriptures.
When a person follows a spiritual path,
the whole world helps them,
because they are this world.
New York City
Responsive and kind, strict and disciplined, purposeful but soft, playful but serious.
This is how I have known Nakshatramala (Natasha) for many years.

Candidate in the Masters of spiritual disciplines such as Laya Yoga (The Art of Contemplation), Yoga of Knowledge, Yoga of Love and Devotion (Bhakti Yoga), and also Kriya Yoga in the traditions of several spiritual paths and under the leane soul and leadership of Masters, and also a warrior of the spirit, a warrior of light, Natalia is a conductor of the highest grace and pure light, and in my opinion she is worthy of conducting knowledge to thousands and millions of people on this planet in our time.

Love and Light
Natalia (Nakshatramala) is a bright, wise and very unique yoga teacher.

Her depth of knowledge and understanding makes it possible to learn spiritual practices at a more advanced level, and realize the essence of the nature of Yoga and Advaita Vedanta.

For me, as a practitioner, Natalia is a real precious treasure that can be met only once in life.

Since Natalia leads as the source inspiration for the practice, she always endows her students with the pure energies of light and love.
New Jersey
I met Natasha 6 years ago.

From the first lesson I realized that I would be studying with her.

Natasha has become not only my teacher, but also my guru.

Natasha teaches yoga very deeply. A lot of attention is paid to the breath, and makes sure to explain the meaning of each asana.

Her lessons are always different and very deep.

I am very grateful that I have such a teacher.
Natasha, thank you so much for the immersion in pranayama and yoga practices.

I really appreciate your professionalism, deep understanding and the ability to convey your 20 years of experience to be available for any level.

Special thanks for the guidance and support on the spiritual path🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️
NYC/ Russia 
About 10 years ago as a single mother I was in a dark place physically, emotionally and spiritually with no way out.

I prayed one day and received an answer that yoga might be my chance. Then another miracle occurred: Natalia (Nakshatramala) appeared and agreed to be my teacher.

She became my savior, guide, teacher and a friend. In today’s world it is almost impossible to find a true spiritual teacher.

They are rare as diamonds and she is a rare find. Her heart full of devotion and compassion is а lighthouse in the dark.

She not only guided my body, but based on her intuition and knowledge of sacred truths she guided my soul.

Today at 42, being happily married and hugging my 4 month old daughter I am thankful to God for putting her and other angels on my path and giving me a chance for happiness and self-realization.
Julia Lipovetskiy
Holmdel , New Jersey
I can’t say enough great things about Nakshatramala.

She introduced me to real yoga, to both of its aspects, physical and spiritual.

I have learned a lot from her. Besides that, she has an amazing personality and it’s pure joy to be around her.
Irina Dmitrakova
New York- Moscow
I have known Natasha for a very long time, not only as a teacher, but as a friend in the first place.

She is a wonderful, responsive and very deep person!

I'm not a yoga fan, but she was able to interest me and discover something new and interesting for me.

I am very grateful to fate that she always gives me meetings with very interesting people!

Lyudmila Mayer
East Brunswick, New Jersey
Many thanks to Nakshatramala for her and her students.

The method of her teaching is very suitable for me, all the explanations are very clear and understandable.

She is a very charismatic person, attentive and a qualified master.

All practices are permeated with the light of love and good vibrations.

It's very nice to relax in shavasana to the soft timbre of her voice.

I highly recommend practicing yoga with Nakshatra malaya.
I really wanted to do yoga, I've read about it and fate brought me together with such a wonderful person as Natasha. At the first meeting, I realized that this was the right person for me. This is not just a yoga coach - she's my everything! She taught me how to relate to this or that situation, she will always hear me out. There is always something new in the classes. Two hours of classes were not enough, they passed like 20 minutes. Thank you my dear for everything. Your advice helps me in life.

Classes are aimed not only at physical exercises, but also at breathing practices. They pass with a competentary psychological approach. This is very important!

Olga Gridina
New York City
I have been studying with Natasha for more than 5 years and without a doubt I can recommend her teaching method to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are just thinking of starting yoga or you are not a beginner in it. Natasha will find an individual approach to you and will help you join the group. I like that our classes begin and end with breathing asanas. Natasha modulates our classes by adding new asanas and reinforces what we already know. Natasha helps to discover hidden potentials in herself and to discover weak points. I highly recommend trying it and I'm sure you won't regret it.

For the first time I decided to try yoga online and chose a Teacher💜 Nakshatramala 🙏

She creates a magical space around herself, thanks to which peace of mind is found! When you attend the practice, you see and feel that Nakshatramala knows what's on your mind, and what you need right now!

Deep knowledge and experience is what is invaluable in our time now, and Nakshatramala is ready to generously share it!

I want to note that the practice takes place gently and with the special attention of the Teacher🙏

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